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Love Like Him

This picture was taken by a friend last week at a church event. That's my boy - being both pulled up and pushed up by others - to get to the top of a wall. Is this not what the body of Christ should emulate? When people are stumbling, shouldn't we be there to grab their hand and pull them up? To come behind them and support them? If not for a few key people in my life who loved and supported me at my very worst, I could still be in a pit of misery and shame.  The enemy is a liar. A thief. A deceiver. He thrives on destruction. He knows he is defeated so he seeks to make us operate in defeat. If we know God is the giver of all good things, we know the enemy is the opposite. Where we have assurance, he utters doubt. Where we have peace, he speaks confusion. Where we have joy, he whispers anxiety. Where we have love, he aims to breed hate.  Let's focus on that last one for a minute: Where we have love, he aims to breed hate. Because we know he is a sneak and a slimeb