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“A relapse is defined as the worsening of a clinical condition that had previously improved.” I stared at this definition for a solid 30 minutes. I’ve mentioned before that I am in recovery for an eating disorder. Now, I’m at the beginning stages of recovery from a relapse. This isn’t my first slip-up, but it’s my first full-blown relapse, and I feel like a failure. So what’s one to do when the sin that so easily besets us becomes more than a temptation? What happens when it becomes a reality? Run to Jesus. Read that again. RUN TO JESUS. It’s what both of my mentors and my husband have told me to do. It’s also what His Word tells us to do - run to Him. Here’s the thing though, I keep thinking about how easy it was for the people in the bible to run to Jesus because He was in their physical presence.  “As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.” - Mark 9:15 It’s not as easy now. Not when I can’t “see” Him.  Except, it is as easy. My sham